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Casser le sacrificiel

Dernière mise à jour : 16 mai 2021

Mise à jour du 15/05/21 : encore une fois ce message que j'adresse à mon jumeau , s'adresse à moi. Je laisse ici une trace de mon auto-reprogrammation cellulaire pour sortir de l'astral. (in english but it's easy to translate).

12h12 12/12 just for fun. J'espère que tu vas bien. Moi je vais bien.

For you it’s just god / the source that decides EVERYTHING and before I met you, I ignored « The Source », didn't even know it existed. Thanks for the little trip to your astrality, but I can't stay there. I will enjoy the benefits of « The Source » but it will not astralize me. You ignore yourself to continue to venerate « The Source » and give your all to « The Source », to the eternal, to the invisible, you think that denial is positive, you think that to forget yourself and to sacrifice yourself, that's what we have to do ! And I tell you to get out of it, but it sounds so virtuous that you don't think you have to get out. For me it’s a big obvious fact that you don’t have your life, but for you it’s okay that not to have your life. You would like to make me believe that I am controlling, but you don't understand that you have to stop forgetting you, ok I control but it doesn't change that my control is good, my « emotional dependence » is good, to break your dogma and your belief that « emotional dependence » is shit, that love is free and commitment is not good. You're in the opposite direction and when I say that your impostor attacks me, he's telling me I'm too controlling. It's very violent, you use that as a weapon. You think you are very virtuous but we don't care about the virtues, because they are not YOUR virtues, it is the life of others and you believe that the life of others is yours! Why do you feel attacked when I attack the ALL, because you believe that you are the ALL, but you are lost in the ALL and in your ALL there is no place for your individuality. When I attack ALL you feel attacked because you are a sacrificial like I will never be able to define it. It is impossible to join you in your astral, it is up to you to come in the matter and the « emotional dependence » with me. The desire to make a couple is not a problem. But because of you, I end up no longer wanting to materialize the couple. You universalize the consciousness with your cardinal virtues. In the best of all possible worlds, everyone would be free non-belonging love! But a freedom that is not within a structure is dementia ! You have to be free in the couple that yes, that interests me. I use the word « emotional dependence » to shock you and maintain my position, I don't want to be astralized in your world of bisounours, the artificial dream world, that's not how we build ourselves. Building yourself takes a body, it takes commitment, it takes matter, it takes incarnation. You are not false but the world which inhabits you is false, there are lots of lies and lots of astralization, celestial smoke, angels, the bible, "I belong to god", omg ! it is your lie crisis. You have the reverse consciousness, you think I love you for your image but it is you who wants to be loved for your image (your astrality). I am subject to the source and I accept our couple in 5D OK ! We are a beautiful astral couple but I have incarnated out of love for you, and now I live here in matter without you, and this is where I am, and it is there that I stay, and it is there that I live my individuality which refuses a couple embodied in your astrality. It's impossible my love, I tried to climb into your astralized Yin, I stayed there for a few months for the love of you, but it's impossible for my Yang to stay perched up there any longer, it's too much sacrificial, I love my life and my individuality too much to give it up. Try to take a walk in my Yang to change ! Try to speak, to communicate with words, to heal yourself with tears. We communicate in the astral it's good, we are energetically linked and it works well ok, we are each fully present in the thoughts of the other, perfect ! But telepathy and prayer have limits, you understand that? Talk to me with real words, look at me with your real eyes, cry with real tears. Telepathy and prayer are good but we have reached the limits. We're hitting the ceiling of your astrality. If I let you do it, all your life you will make me/you go after all, after your work, after your family, after your friends, after your horse, you will make me/you go after the whole world and I will serve as your object to materialize your sacrificial virtues for the glory of your invisible world. You are ready to sacrifice us to be the hero of your astrality. I won't let you do it, yes I control but my control is good.

I know you're not a kid and you don't like it when I tell you what to do, but excuse me for being a primary school teacher. I hope that will soften you instead of exasperating you. This is the synthesis of what I call healthy emotional addiction because it is cleansed, the harmful effects are neutralized. Without healthy emotional dependence, the real couple does not exist in matter. Being a couple does not mean that we have to live together and have to see each other every day. Being in a relationship and having a PRIVILEGED AND PRIORITY BOND of attachment does not mean being a prisoner. Being a couple means being in reciprocity to support the other to grow and evolve in confidence and at their own rythm, with respect for respective sovereignty and integrity. No more place for jealousy and possessiveness and exclusivity, there is no place for doubt, fears and lies, there is no place for power rapport, there is no savior, persecutor or victim. Healthy emotional dependence creates a bond of attachment of love and interest in the individuality and authenticity of the other in a sincere and selfless way and gives birth to a couple of friends and possibly a couple of lovers. At the moment we are an astral couple, we are unify at distance. We could become a couple of friends by materializing our relationship, by starting to talk on the phone for example. We could become a couple of lovers by materializing our relationship in the matter by seeing each other face to face. Whatever happens, I love you for you, for your individuality and not for your astralized image. I love you for who you are and not for what you have. You can lose everything, you won't lose me. You can be in a relationship with another woman and I can be in a relationship with another man, it will not change anything in our astral couple.

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