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I am starting to write « river novel » again

and it's absolutely logical at this stage of the journey.

My love,

I understand that to intellectualize our love story from day one

is to deprive it of all its spontaneity.

But the spontaneous fluidity of the encounter is lost forever anyway.

Fortunately, the persistent and atypical side of our love story

still brings romance and magic.

I confess that I am not easy to follow,

I am very special and original,

one of a kind.

But I am not stupide.

I have a faultless life journey.

I was first in class throughout my schooling.

I graduated as a teacher with Great Honors.

I always succeeded in everything I undertook.

I lead my professional career as a prolific and talented artist.

My life path is atypical, but it's a success.

I manage all situations brilliantly.

I have a high intellectual level

since childhood (zebra, HP)

Obviously, it's impossible that suddenly,

I lose my head and start talking nonsense.

I can imagine that you don't understand easily what I'm telling you.

I imagined a complete theory based on our meeting.

I rewrote the whole evolution story,

which completely contradicts the established scientific consensus.

I talk about invisible things and use specific vocabulary

and give it new meaning in a new context.

Do you know how a single worldview is built ?

You do not spread what is not propagated

and since you don't spread it,

it’s not propagated !

The circle is complete.

I break the circle with my beliefs.

I feel like I'm the only one in the world

who thinks like me

and that doesn't bother me.

My beliefs emerge from my deep feelings

and are not based on anything else.

That said,

propagating my beliefs is not the meaning of my life.

I can simply be a shepherdess and silent in the field.

I have all my reason for being

by the simple fact of existing

and being free to have my beliefs.

I share my beliefs with you and with

those who find them by chance on my blog.

I can imagine it's strange for you to assume

you're the main character of my theory,

when you haven't even asked to play a role in the story.

I can imagine, because I didn't ask either.

You can hold my beliefs only if my beliefs are already yours.

You can only think I'm awesome if you're as awesome as I am.

You can find me intelligent only if you have the intelligence to perceive it.

And this also works on the other side.

You can only think I'm stupid if you're as stupid as I am.

But I don't think that about you,

just because I don't think that about me.

I assume that you are my equal,

you are as brilliant and intelligent as I am,

as curious, insightful and clairvoyant as I am,

as perfectionist and idealist as I am,

as innovative and avant-garde as I am

That said,

even if we are stupid and innocent

this does not prevent us from

forming a stable, harmonious and lasting couple

in the original matrix,

as long as we are each polarized yin and yang.

But nevertheless, we must be smart to escape

of the falsified matrix.

I assume that you are interested

because it's about our love story

that I'm talking about.

I assume you're as passionate about original knowledge as I am.

I assume that you are interested in my beliefs that I am sharing with you.

And I assume that you take the time to read me

for the pleasure of spending some time with me

and by curiosity to understand me.


I have already written to you a lot,

I have already shared my numerous erroneous hypotheses,

I have long hoped for your help in seeking together

to understand how our energy connection works.

But I had to study and progress slowly and alone.

I now share with you,

where I am today.

Everything has already been said

but so badly expressed.

I explain in a specific way

everything that I have already expressed

since the very beginning

with innocent words.

What is the starting equation?

Me : I don't want to have sex with you

if you're not in love with me.

It's too late to go home,

I'm going to sleep on your sofa.

You : No, you're going to sleep in my bed.

I don't want to have sex with you

because I'm not in love with you.

(we both agree not to have sex together

but we still had in mutual consent)

You : You can't force love,

I don't want to see you again

because you have too much energy tension towards me

and you can't offer me the energy fluidity that I want.

Translation :

Yang : I don't want you to magnetize my vital flow,

if you don't generate a flow in return.

Yin : I don't want to magnetize your vital flow

because (I know) I don't generate in return.

Yang : I naively imagine that you will generate flow

in exchange for that which you magnetize in me.

Yin : I feed myself with the flow that I magnetize,

so I magnetize your vital flow,

even if I do not generate any flow to give you in exchange.

Yin : You cannot force me to generate

(it’s true, I cannot force you, but I can stimulate you).

Yin : I don't want to see you again

because you're not magnetic

and you don't stimulate me to generate,

so the flow cannot circulate harmoniously between us.

Yin : I am not interested in you

because you do not feed me in flow,

because you refuse sexuality with me,

because I do not generate.


Our love story is an easy love story

that started to get complicated

over 4500 years ago.

It's complicated to be simple.

Normally everything is simple

but there is nothing normal

in this falsified matrix

where ignorance rules

by the transmission of false beliefs

and limiting thoughts,

from generation to generation,

from incarnation to incarnation

and ad vitam aeternam if you don't read me (lol)


You think you have to put everything in place

for the dream to come true,

but in this false reality

you first have to live your dream in your imagination

so that everything can unfold naturally

and falls into place

for it to come true.

You think you have the choice

to imagine any dream you want,

but in fact it’s the dream that chooses you

and feeds your imagination.

In fact, to escape this falsified matrix,

you must always go straight to the end

and the end is where you begin.

Do you think it's easy

to ignore the falsified apparent circumstances

to immerse yourself in the feeling

of being already in your end ?

It's not something you practice doing for 10 minutes a day.

It takes thousands of hours of practice

to become in your end state in a natural way.

You act, you think, you speak, you make your choices

from the version of you,

who already lives in the wish fulfilled.

It's a new way of living,

with every step, every breath and every heartbeat.

It's a shift of your identity.

It is a long-term and irreversible process.


It's not going from the version of me now

to the same version of me later.

It's going from one version of me now

to another version of me now.

It’s living now in a parallel reality.

It’s the only way out of the falsified matrix,

to return to the original matrix.

To quantum leap

I have to reprogram a new belief system.


Since the reconnection, I know that my dream

is to make a stable, harmonious and lasting couple

with you !

But I didn't know that in order to achieve my dream

I before had to be magnetic

to stimulate you to generate.

First I had to understand

what had happened to me

when we were reconnected.

Why was I dying of despair

when I had everything to be happy ?

Why all my vital flow was escaping

in the form of obsessive thoughts,

screaming at death

to stop this hemorrhage.

To calm this abominable suffering of despair

I had to build my own teaching

to explain to myself the circulation mechanics

of the invisible energy flow (which everyone calls love).

I quickly understood

that I am the yang which generates

and that you are the yin which magnetizes.

I easily understood

that I had to transmute yin

and you had to transmute yang.

But it took me very long time and multiple mistakes

to understand what exactly is the transmutation

and how exactly we transmute.

And my most crucial discovery for my evolution

is when I understood (2 years after the reconnection)

that yang does not generate spontaneously.

Yang generates thanks to the magnetic call of yin !

It was from that moment

that I understood

that I must absolutely be magnetic yin,


to be happy and at peace with myself,

and consequently

to play an active role in your own transmutation

by stimulating you to generate.

I KNOW THAT YOU LOVE ME (I feel loved by you)

It took me two years to realize that being magnetic

is simply to feel loved.

So to become magnetic,

I simply have to train myself

to feel loved,

beyond the apparent circumstances,

that prove me the opposite.

I have to immerse myself

in the feeling of being loved,

chosen, wanted, desired.

And this is made possible and easy

thanks to my deep feelings

which inform me since the reconnection

that it's you

who make me experience this feeling.

Why I've told you dozens of times :

« I know that you love me »

Why do I have this certainty ?

What does that mean exactly ?

Does that mean I'm crazy or erotomaniac ?

Now, I understand what that means :

« I know that you love me » equal

« I know that I must transmute magnetic yin

by feeling loved by you » equal

« I know you will transmute yang

and be able to generate

thanks to the magnetic call

that I make when I feel loved by you »,

it’s exactly a one and a same certainty

of my deep feeling.

« I know that you love me »

because it's my program

written in my deep feeling.

It's the transmutation program,

it's the program to make

a harmonious and lasting stable couple

where the flow circulates

reciprocally in a loop and continuously,

it’s the program to perpetuate the evolution.

- You are the only yin in my life

to give me the feeling

of being madly loved.

It’s therefore thanks to you

and not an other yin,

that I am able to transmute yin.

- I am the only yang in your life

who will repeat to you

without getting tired

"I know that you love me"

even without you need

to do any proof

to confirm it.

It’s therefore thanks to me

and not an other yang,

that you are able to transmute yang.


But there is a difference between

knowing that you love me

and assume it.

It's not enough to know

that you love me

to feel loved.

Knowing that you love me

is natural, instantaneous and spontaneous.

Assume it,

is a long long way !

It's exactly the same for you.

You know that you love me

but there's a difference between

knowing you love me

and assume it.

The trauma of reconnection

is the clash of the contradiction,

between the certainty of my deep feelings

and the reality that does not match.

I know with certainty deep inside me,

and reality forces me to doubt my certainty !

It's a psychic torture

that lasted more than two years !

So finally the only solution,

is to conform my beliefs to my deep feelings,

instead of conforming them

to apparent circumstances.


But to do that,

you have to install a new belief system.

Can you imagine the performance ?

If you give up training too soon,

you start again to conform your beliefs

to the apparent circumstances.

You start to doubt your certainties again,

because your 5 senses control you,

and the old neural patterns absolutely want

to stay in their place and keep their habit.

And their habit consist in

conforming beliefs to apparent circumstances.

And you feel like you're going crazy again,

and you think you're going schizophrenic again,

and you think you're lying to yourself again.

And you have to ignore reality again,

so that it doesn't influence you.

You can repeat over and over for months,

that you are who you dream of being,

without ever becoming,

because the most decisive step in this process,

is to assume that you are

who you dream of being.

There is a bridge between your dream

and your assumed dream.

Your reality is what you assume as true truth

in your inner monologue.

So if I really want to transmute magnetic yin,

to be really happy,

to really stimulate you to generate,

I must absolutely and definitely

be convinced,

and assume without any hesitation,

that you love me.

There is no other way,

and there is no turning back.


You understand that if I persist now,

it's not because I want you to love me,

because I'm already in the version

of me that feels loved by you.

In fact what I am doing now,

is stimulating you to transmute.

And why do I bother with your transmutation ?

Because I understood

that I have an active role !

Because I understood

that the yang doesn’t generate spontaneously,

it needs to be stimulated

by a magnetic call.

You need me, as I needed you,

we are dependent on each other,

to be independent of each other,

it's a paradox !

Because our parents didn't make us transmute,

because our parents had not transmuted before us.

Transmuting through interaction with our parents

takes about 15 years

and now we have to transmute

without our parents

and accelerated.


We are born with a base polarity.

Each receives half of the base bipolar unit.

To transmute is to develop its complementary polarity,

to be each complete yin and yang

so that the flow can circulate

in a reciprocal and harmonious way.

- The interaction with our parents of the opposite polarity,

trains us to generate or magnetize the flow.

- And identification to our parent of the identical polarity is our model,

to train our beliefs to develop our complementary polarity.

- Since my birth, I feed myself from the flow which I generate,

because I am trained to generate thanks to the magnetic call of my parent yin.

But I did not transmute yin because

I did not see my yang parent being magnetic.

- And since your birth you feed yourself from the flow which you magnetize,

because you are trained to magnetize the flow that your yang parent generates.

But you did not transmute yang because

you did not see your yin parent generate.


Polarity manages the flow of energy flow.

But, to develop a new polarity

is to develop a new belief system !

Energy is under the influence of belief !

How the flow flows between us and others

depends on our belief system !

This is why I am working

on the energy aspect from distance,

and on your belief system by writing to you.

Because your belief system is capable of blocking

the circulation of the flow

that I stimulate you to generate !

To change a belief system

there is only one solution :

Awareness, constancy, persistence

and repetition, repetition, repetition.


Fortunately, the deep feeling remains fixed

and stable, imperturbable, immutable, unfalsifiable,

at the center of the spiral of changing phenomena.

The changing phenomena are :

apparent circumstances that result from

the past, childhood, education, the values transmitted by the parents

but also by the collective unconscious, the transgenerational and the transkarmic.

but alsos by story books, mythology, legends, tales ...

Your new belief system is alone

in front of the millennial mountain of

ignorance, false beliefs and limiting thoughts.

You fight against a huge monster,

which seems thousand times more powerful than you.

And you know how you fight this monster easily ?

By simply practicing : « Circumstances don't matter ».

My past life

and your life that you choose to live without me,

don't matter.

I've been up and down for months.

I keep persisting and feel happy,

and then I giving up and sink into despair.

Each time I developed a plan B

(a confession of failure and a consolation prize),

I started to suffer from lack again,

and I was diving again

into psychic torture

caused by dissociation.

Finally, I realized

that the only way for me,

to be in peace and in harmony with myself

is to follow my joy

and stay focused on plan A.

Persisting, having patience, courage, absolute faith and blind trust.

Do you know how many times I went back and forth

between these two versions of me ?

When I look back at the past three years,

I give myself the medal of Earth's Greatest Warrior.

I am so proud of me.


What does The Law of Assumption teach us?

- Apparent circumstances don't matter

- Live in the end (wish fulfilled)

- To assume

we manifest what we assume to be true

- Persistence and faith

until the new belief system

is the natural and dominant state of being.


Nobody explains it like that,

but in my opinion,

The discovery of the Law of Assumption,

by the Rosicrucucians

and then by Neville Goddard,

is the discovery of a solution

to transmute artificially

because we have been prevented

from transmuting naturally.

I explain it again quickly :

we married children into adult bodies,

to make a large number of slaves.

We authorized sexuality after marriage,

to accelerate the mode of reproduction.

But sexuality before transmutation,

prevents transmutation !

Yet there are reminiscences of the original rule.

The collective unconscious still agree

on the age of sexual minority

which corresponds to the age of adolescence,

which corresponds to the age of the end of the transmutation

in the original matrix.


Now we live in a falsified matrix,

because our beliefs have been falsified.

People were made to believe

that they would be complete

when they were in couple,

but it’s the opposite !

We are in couple

when we are complete

independently of each other.

A couple is the flow

that circulates between two bipolar batteries.

The two batteries

generate and magnetize the flow.

But now people believe

that a couple is to make a single battery,

with two half-complete beings.

The flow cannot circulate in a loop,

when only one of the two generates

and only one of the two magnetizes.

Currently the flow circulates in only one way,

it's the yang which generates

and the yin which magnetizes.

It's the yang that loves,

and it's the yin that is loved.

Both yin and yang are "powerless yang",

because yin is powerless yang anyway

and because yin magnetizes the vital flow of yang

through sexuality.

But unlike the yang,

the yin has the advantage

of being magnetic.

With this advantage,

the yin rules the world.

Because of sexuality before transmutation,

yang is a double loser

and yin is a double winner.

To generate is to do,

and to magnetize is to be.

Yang does everything and yin benefits.

A world where no one transmutes,

is hell for yang and heaven for yin.


(the famous dark night of the soul

that all the twin flames talk about)

The death of the yang is not natural,

it’s a consequence of having prevented us from transmuting.

The death of the yang is an eternal new beginning,

because the dead yang continues to generate,

it resuscitates permanently.

A dead yang is a yang emptied

of all its vital flow,

but it remains yang.

The yang dies by sexuality,

but also by thought,

and also by a simple kiss.

These are all the three paths,

through which the flow circulates.

You can empty me of my vital flow,

with a simple kiss.

This is juda's kiss of death.

Do you remember that kiss where I had the feeling

that you had sucked all my internal substance ?

Do you remember how I lay dead on your floor,

when I slept in the sun after making love ?

You have the power more than any other yin,

to kill me (concept of twin flames

that come from the same bipolar unit

before the original separation).

You are my best friend,

and my best enemy.

This is the story between Jesus and Juda.


We must not forget that the allegory of Jesus

comes 2500 years after the deluge,

and the deluge is the cause of

the falsification of the transmutation.

The massive production of slaves,

is to fill the absence,

of the vibratory sound energy force,

which emanated from the internal water pressure,

before the deluge.

Nobody understands the period of the colossal constructions,

because the energy force which allowed these prowess,

disappeared because of the deluge.

Les grands bâtisseurs are not giants,

they simply knew how to convert

a vibratory sound energy force

that emanated from the pressure of internal waters.

The slaves must replace

the absence of this disappeared natural energy force,

by the human energy force,

to continue the conquest of gold.

There are

the warrior slaves to conquer the land

the minor slaves to scratch the ground

the farmers slaves to feed the warrior and the minor slaves

and the priest slaves to perpetuate the sunday indoctrination,

and prevent the magnetic duality to restore the natural course of life.

Before the deluge gold had no value,

because gold extraction was easy

thanks to this natural energy force.

Gold was a common good, to decorate the common temples.

Have a look at the discoveries made by Tellinger in southern Africa.

He studies a gold extraction process that dates back more than 300.000 years.

Our humanity is the result of 4500 years of slavery

for the conquest of gold.

After the deluge, gold mining became slow and tedious,

so gold became rare and valuable.

Thanks to marriage,

slaves reproduced massively and exponentially.

Now we are in the depopulation phase,

because the conquest of gold on earth is almost finished.

Now they don't need the physical strength of the slaves anymore,

they need the money of the slaves.

Now the program, it's the biggest racket of a lesser quantity of slaves,

to pay for the expensive machines needed

for the conquest of gold and precious minerals in space.

Nobody agrees on the date of the last deluge,

but I base myself on the allegory of Noé,

which would have happened 4500 years ago.


We are slaves because

we are at the mercy of an interdependence relationship.

Preventing transmutation, prevents sovereignty.

We are dependent on each other.

All reports are interested.

There are only power and manipulation.

- Yang uses yin to give it the flow it cannot magnetize,

but the yang receives nothing because the yin generates nothing.

- And yin uses yang to give it the flow it cannot generate,

the yin receives the flow and it kills the yang.

The sexual quest of yin is to go from dead yang to dead yang.

Dead yang is not a lifeless body, it’s a hopeless spirit.

The meaning of a dead yang's life is to find a yin

in the vain hope of receiving flow in exchange of sex.

In our falsified world,

selfishness is demonized.

Universal solidarity prevails over individual sovereignty.

But it's false solidarity,

because it's self-interested solidarity.

To be in true universal solidarity,

it's primordial to generate excess flow.

To generate excess flow,

we must first be selfish and generate some flow to fill ourself as a priority.

Currently there is almost no excess flow,

because yang is emptied of its vital flow by sexuality

and yin does not generate flow.

It's horrible to say,

but in our falsified world,

only the yang that practices sexual abstinence,

who has no yin child under 6 and has no heartache,

generates excess flow.


To replace the absence of generated vital flow

and the absence of magnetized excess flow there is :

- The Simulacrum of flow - God and « the humanitarian sacrificial life mission »,

to replace the absence of vital flow and so the absence of the meaning of life.

- And Pseudo flow - gifts, money, home, security,

to replace the absence of excess flow and the absence of true solidarity.

- To generate the flow is to give oneself the meaning of one's life.

The powerful yang (the one who has no sexual relationship)

gives itself the meaning of its life.

- To magnetize the flow is to feel loved.

The meaning of yin's life is to feel loved.

In the absence of excess flow to magnetize

and in the absence of generated vital flow,

the yin is fed either on the vital flow of yang

or on the simulacrum of flow.

The quest for yin is either a sexual quest

or a humanitarian sacrificial missionary quest.


More about the law of assumption.

It's never explained like that,

but if you analyze this energy law very well,

it's a law that teaches yang to become magnetic.

Moreover, the coaches (men or women) of the law of assumption,

are all of yang polarity.

You only see videos that explain

how to make the other person fall in love.

In fact, how to become magnetic,

how to immerse yourself in the feeling of being loved.

You never see anyone training to become yang.

There is no video that explains how to fall in love.

Because it's not the yin that can control that.

Yin cannot spontaneously be yang,

and so, yin cannot spontaneously be in love.

He needs a magnetic call in front,

to stimulate him to generate !

Training yang to become magnetic yin,

results in stimulating yin to be yang and generate.

Yin in love, is a consequence of the yang romance.

Yin in love, is the imagination's creation of yang romance.

Yin's ability to be in love, depends on yang's ability to feel loved,

beyond all apparent circumstances.

Women who have men at their feet are yin women,

and men who have sentimental disappointments are yang men.

But as a general rule,

the energy polarity of woman is yang

and the man is yin.


Except me, every other yang in your life

is frustrated and feeling unloved.

You can bend over backwards to prove yourself,

it will never be enough.

Because the feeling of being loved,

is a job of conforming one's beliefs to one's deep feelings,

it's not based on proof and concrete evidence.

Gifts, money, home, security, are pseudo flow.

But at the end, pseudo flow, cannot replace flow.

Just for the fun of playing with my theory,

try to imagine that you can form

a stable, harmonious and lasting couple

with another yang than me.

Your goal is to transmute yang,

so generate the flow for you first,

then have excess flow available to be magnetized

and finally experience the feeling of being madly in love.

To achieve your goal you must first have

the yang of your choice transmute yin

to make the magnetic call you need

to be stimulated to generate.

You can try to train another yang

to change his belief system,

by applying my theory.

Tell the yang of your choice,

that it must feel loved,

despite the fact that you do not generate excess flow yet.

And before all, stop having sex with this yang you have chosen.

And give up to feed yourself with simulacrum flow,

so give up to belief in god

and give up being on a sacrificial life mission in the service of the collective.

If your aim is to generate flow,

you must give up feeding yourself with vital flow of yang and simulacrum of flow.

What's going to happen?

You will magnetize the excess flow that the yang will generate,

and it will still be emptied of its vital flow,

through the channel of thought.

Then tell him to protect his flow,

by spending more time feeling loved,

than time spent, letting out loving thoughts for you.

During this time, you let yourself die,

because you no longer magnetize flow by sexuality and thoughts,

because all flow is protected by your yang.

Now, you are empty, you are desperate.

You don't magnetize any flow anymore,

and you don't generate yet.

You cannot be tempted by the simulacrum of flow

to get out of despair.

You live in this state of despair

for months and months,

and you keep encouraging your yang

to feel loved by a despairing yin.

Hope the yang you choose is persistent,

because it's a challenge to feel loved

despite everything in appearances proving you're unloved.

And it's another challenge to feel loved

by a dead yin.

Hope the yang you choose to experience this,

believe deeply in your love potential.

Don't forget that without flow

you are psychically and mentally dead,

you are desperate,

your life no longer has any meaning,

you no longer want to get up in the morning,

your mind no longer orders your physics matter body to do anything,

Don't forget that,

during this transition period,

you are no longer able to offer security, protection

to the yang in front of you.

Do you really think this is possible?

Try this experiment and give me the result to prove to me,

that you have the choice to choose

to create a harmonious and lasting stable couple

with another yang than me !


Why « now »

is the moment to release my excess flow again ?

Because I can let the flow out

since I am able to let the flow in.

I can allow myself to let my flow escape

because I am safe

since I have sufficiently developed my yin polarity

to allow flow which I magnetize enter.

The loop is almost complete.

You are magnetic, it is your birth magic power.

My birth magic power is to generate the flow.

Thanks to the magnetic call,

I generate the meaning of my life for me as a priority.

Since the reconnection I feel loved by you

= I develop my yin polarity, thanks to you.

Thank to my yin polarity

I send you a magnetic call

to stimulate you to generate.

You start to feed and fill yourself

with you own vital flow

that you are now able to generate

thanks to my magnetic call.

Thanks to me,

you are now able

to generate the meaning of your life

selfishly and for you as a priority.

Thanks to my yin polarity,

I'm ready to magnetize some excess flow.

I let out my excess flow again

because I am safe since

I have sufficiently developed my yin polarity

to allow excess flow which I magnetize enter.

You can magnetize my excess flow again.

So if you have my excess flow available to be magnetized again,

you are no longer afraid to let out the flow you are generating

to offer excess flow available for me.

It took me so long to assume being loved,

and it took you so long to assume to be selfish and put yourself first.

The meaning of your life is no longer to save others.

The meaning of your life is

to circulate the flow in a loop, reciprocally and continuously.

The meaning of your life is

make a harmonious and lasting stable couple.

We are two sovereign beings,

capable of generating and magnetizing,

capable of self-love and true universal solidarity.

By being the best version of ourselves

we bring the best to the world.

We stand together without doing anything,

just being sovereign is enough.


The yang must protect its vital flow before transmutation,

no sexuality before the end of the transmutation.

Yin must not feed on the vital flow of yang through sexuality

until it has transmuted. Must resist to the temptation.

Generating the flow for yourself as a priority,

is giving yourself the meaning of your life

for yourself as a priority.

When you are self-sufficient in the vital flow that you generate (Individual Sovereignty)

you can let your vital flow escape

through the channel of thought (write, speak, create, sing)

and release your excess flow

so that it benefits others capable of magnetize it (Universal solidarity).

Selfishness leads to altruism.

Individual sovereignty induces true universal solidarity.

There is no sacrificial life mission.

There is an individual life path.

Human relations are fair when - one is able :

- to give without losing anything (have one's excess flow magnetized)

- and to receive without taking anything (magnetize the excess flow).

To be in love is : to have your excess flow magnetized by the chosen one

and to be loved is : to magnetize the excess flow of the chosen one.

Sacred sexuality is the flow that circulates in a loop

and continuously in a reciprocal way.

Sacred sexuality is only possible

when both generate and both magnetize.

How the flow flows is influenced by a polarity,

and developing a polarity is influenced by a belief.

To develop a polarity requires a belief conform to the deep feeling.

Therefore, the way the flow circulates is under the influence of a belief.

To create a harmonious and lasting stable couple,

it is necessary to work on the energy aspect

but it is also necessary to work on the belief system

thanks to the awakening of consciousness.

There's no point scratching the misery backwards to move forward.

There is a blockage to happiness,

only if there is the belief

that there is a blockage

that prevents us from being happy.

The therapist is a charlatan.

The therapist is a pseudo external savior,

who uses the desperate to feel useful.

We're not broken or sick,

we are ignorant.

We are not victims,

we are students.

We don't need help or therapy,

we need therapeutic teaching.

We don't need to deprogram false beliefs.

Reprogramming to conform our beliefs to our deep feelings

neutralizes false beliefs.

The deep feeling is the compass, the guide, the dream, the program.

The source of suffering is ignorance of the Source.

The Source is the duality of magnetic energy.

The Source is the origin of all creation.

We are created in the image of Source.

We are vibrational, bipolar energy beings.

The Source is a bipolar energetic vibratory bath

in which we bathe,

we are one with the bath that contains us.

I do not personalize the Source.

The Source has no intention.

The Source is an energy.

We have no karmic contract.

The Source does not give us trials to make us evolve.

We don't need to suffer to grow.

Evolution has no beginning and no end

because the duality of magnetic energy has no birth and death.

Evolution is not interpreted in a linear way.

Evolution is interpreted in a circular way (ouroboros)

In every present moment, all stages of evolution are present.

To evolve,

The Source subtilize.

The Source divides the bipolar unit in two,

holding the two halves apart,

until the two halves become whole again

independently of each other.

To perpetuate its evolution,

the Source reunites what it has subtilized

to multiply and create matter to be subtilized,

in order to always have enough of everything to do a nothing.

There has never been chaos,

the Source evolves and perpetuates its evolution

in harmony always and forever.

The BigBang is a notoriously stupid invention.

Nothing comes from outside,

everything comes from inside.

Water does not come from space,

the origin of water is internal to the earth.

Duality is not good or bad,

duality is evolved (good)

and evolving (good too).

All is good.

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