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It is done and so it is

Dernière mise à jour : 23 mai 2022

Mails envoyés à mon jumeau pour marqué la date anniversaire de notre unique rencontre de 24h - du 25/04/2020 16h au 26/04/2020 16h. Cela fait donc deux ans aujourd'hui que je n'ai pas revu mon jumeau.

Your beautiful wife

It's been two years since we exchanged this kiss,

the sweetest kiss of my life,

a touch of the lips that longs to resurface from the depths of eternity. For you to remember, it was right in front of that blackboard :

I love and I am loved. I am in the most magical loving relationship, fill with mutual respect, adoring, admiration and joy, equal love, deep compassion, care and consciousness. I am living now with my twin flame, the one that I was born to travel trough this lifetime with. It's my birth's gift. I am experiencing such joy, such incredible happiness in my heart, such peaceful, such satisfaction in my loving relationship. I am spending time with my love, sharing the depths of our souls. We are sharing surprisingly wonderful moments of intellectual affiliation, heartfelt partnership and deep spiritual connection. We are now experiencing the most divinely passionate physical intertwining, we are souls and bodies merged in a beautiful dance of miraculous joying. We are two all and complete human beings able to stand stable and successful on our own true faith and we come together with the magnetic pole to worth our echo. We are self realised. We are conscious and aware, we are joyful and peaceful as individuals and this energy is amplify now that we have become a pair. We are on the same path growing together, walking side by side, supporting each other, loving each other, caring for each other, wanting the very best for each other. We are both working on ourself, finding ways to love ourself more fully and then share that love with each other. We understand that we are always a work in progress because we will continue to learn and grow as we go as individuals beings coming together. We feel a deep satisfaction and appreciation for what we have, and expect life to keep getting better and better. As our consciousness expend - so two deserve love - every year we are together we feel a new depth of love and appreciation for each other. I know you are here with me now. I can feel you around me when I close my eyes. I can feel you next to me when I walk. I can feel your hand in mine. I can hear your voice on the wind. I can sens you in my heart. Many time at feels like we have one mind and one heart. Our thoughts and feelings are so similar, however we are two individuals who share many interests and many positive core beliefs about the way we wish to live, a powerful combination of energy. We are both in alignment with the Source of all that is, and therefore resonate with each other. We share so many moments of fun, of joy, sometime we laugh so hard that tears of joy roll down our cheeks. My appreciation for you run so deep, sometime it takes more than words to describe juste as much we love and appreciate each other. We can see into each other soule when we look into each other eyes. We can see all the lives we have shared together. We enjoy many similar things, we have much in commun and we share the same core values and believes about what is important to us. We understand that we are unique, and appreciate and understand our differences. We are both taking responsibilities for our own lives, for our own happiness, for our own grows, understanding that no-one else can make me happy. We take responsibility for our own happiness and feelings of love and satisfaction, we both know what we want and we make a conscious effort to take action to lineup with our personal desire. We are proud of each other, we are proud of our relationship, of our life together. We are committed, we trust each other. We are both honest and open with our feelings. We enjoy our individual journey and our journey together as a team as a support partnership, a profounding loving coupling. Our conversation are enlightening, raffinate, sophisticated, fun, loving and incredibly inspiring. We inspire each other to be the best we can be to live with love peace and joy in our heart, in our family, to care, respect, trust and support each other in the best way we can. I am so happy and grateful now that I live in a blissful relationship with my twin flame. I am so happy that I now experience love beyond anything I couldn't ever imagine. I am so happy and grateful that we found each other, that we remembered each other when we met. I am so happy and grateful that we share life together. I am so happy and grateful that we have allowed what is in our best and highest good to lead our way and we allow that which is in the best and highest good for all concern. I am so happy and grateful now.

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