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Marie-Louise Parker

Dernière mise à jour : 14 févr.

Who is the Marie-Louise Parker that inspires me with her pictures.........?

Marie Louise Parker est le profil FB que j'ai utilisé pour communiquer avec mon jumeau tout au long de ces longs mois.

11/11/2019 18:07

- Who is the Marie-Louise Parker that inspires me with her pictures.........?

- I created this page in January 2014 because I was devastated by a heartache and it helped me grieve. The years have passed and now I am available to live a beautiful love story. I am a woman who is looking for a real love story. This page is a visualization exercise. I visualize my dreams as precisely as possible to bring to me what suits me best. In this way I visualized the job of my dreams; the apartment of my dreams and the son of my dreams. The Universe has already given me everything. Now I visualize the man I want to love and with whom I want to share the happiness that I have built alone.

-Waauw... I sure was send by the universe to synchronise with your visualisation board.... It was like I looked at myself 14 years ago..

- So your wife is very lucky!

- Good try! I have no wife. Where are you from and what is your age?

- I am an old soul, I have memories of the Navajo tribe. I am Nordic (blonde with blue eyes) and I like the cold of winter. I sit by the fire and play with my rattle of hazelnuts. If I had been a man I would be a wood carver.

- This is me.. old soul timberframer, Horseman, firemaker... Don't no why..but I know you. Can you show me your energy? Your colors? Is Marie-Louise Parker your real name?

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