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The authority of my soul

J'ai retranscrit un passage de la dernière vidéo de Rachael (vers la minute 10).

The first message is sharing with us : Our need for discernment and stepping in to our inner authority, the authority of our soul who always knows what is best for us, who knows how it wants to express and experience life. We live in a reality where there is a lot of information. You can imagine that we all walk around here, in the bubble of our own reality that’s created by our own consciousness, and we walk around in these bubbles of our own consciousness and we interact with many different beings who are in their own bubble of reality and consciousness. And we share, and speak, and express from our reality, our perspective and our consciousness at any given movement. And you may meet come across information, teachers, individuals who are in a particular state of consciousness and share something with you, that feels right, that feels good and you allow that soul to help you, you use your discernment and say : Yes this feels good to my soul. I’m going to take this belief, I’am going to take this teaching and integrate now in my consciousness because I want that belief to create my reality or a portion of my reality. You may come across other beings or teachings from an other state of consciousness and although those teachings and beliefs work perfect for them and there’s no good or bad or right or wrong, you come across that belief or teaching and your inner authority says : No I don’t want that to be part of my reality and so you use your discernment and say : I understand that that is your truth but I’am using my power of choice and discernment and saying I’m not adopting that into my consciousness or my reality. We are being reminded that the choice is always yours to make. Our society hase put people in a place of authority many times, based on analytics numbers, so somebody who has a best-selling book will be place as an authority figure for what they wrote upon for somebody who might have a lot followers and is considered an influencer might be considered by some an authority and certain teachers might be living in a state of consciousness that many other people are also living in, but you are your authority and you have the choice if you want to adopt or integrate or if you don’t want to adopt or integrate anything that anybody says at any given moment. If you imagine that you are at an infinite all-you-can-eat buffet with every different belief and reality that you can be in’ and you can choose what you want at any given moment and you can choose to take something from that buffet take a bite of it and say : I don’t like this I’m not accepting this into my reality anymore. So this full moon is giving all of us back our own inner sovereignty our own inner authority, and the energy to discern, discern what we adopt as our own in any given moment, this is discernment as i mentioned from outside information but it’s also discernment of our own beliefs so from this moment moving forward we are being encouraged when we have a belief or a thought come into our mind to say yes or no either yes I want to continue with this belief because I want to create my reality based on that or no, I no longer accept my belief I let this go because I create my reality, this is my consciousness and I have full sovereign power over what I allow in it. So this first activation we are going to be activating the wisdom of your soul, activating your inner power, activating your ability to create your reality how you choose to create it. So feel in the center of your being a beautiful sun shining and the light from the sun radiates like a pillar of light down through the bottoms of your feet and up through the top of your head.

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