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Love story Petecia et Mark

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Wouaw wouaw wouaw, quelle belle histoire d'amour !

Modern cowboy love story

The fantastic meeting between two great artists. Mark Maggiori : " 2011/2019. Eight years of passionate love, a love bigger than us, the kind that doesnt leave you a choice : you have to live it!! You’re in it, it’s a tornado and you just got to ride it. It burns and makes you stronger than the world. Our Love was born in the desert of Arizona, we were fire and gasoline, we pushed the boundaries of a relationship to the extremes, only to explode and be reborn with a better understanding of ourselves. With all the wisdom that life finally brought to us, we are today so grateful to welcome Wilderness in such a safe and beautiful environment. I deeply believe in human beings capacity to adapt, learn, and improve themselves. Hold on to the one you love, if your heart tells you that it is worth it, then fight for it. There is no greater reward than a long term relationship and the book it writes". - Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori YOUR SPIRIT IS MONUMENTAL - Mark Maggiori Painter of the American West né le 16 juin 1977 à Fontainebleau, est un peintre, graphiste et réalisateur français de clips musicaux. Il est également le chanteur du groupe de nu metal français Pleymo.

Thomas R. Wood : "Petecia (Le Fawnhawk) Maggiori and Mark Maggiori are Los Angeles based artists and they're married and in love. They're friends of mine who take a lot of their inspiration from the desert, digging deep into the nature and legend of the American wild west. I asked if I could go with them some time and make a portrait of them. This piece is about how an artist is viewed from the one who loves them and how they inspire one another. And it's about my own, imperfect, messy, human love for them both and trying to capture a bit of them in my own art.

markmaggiori :

"Elle est un poème, une étoile errante, sans artifice et sans mensonge, poignante et déroutante, unique et au delà. Elle est dur a saisir sûrement même insaisissable, elle court devant mais se cache souvent loin derrière. Elle flotte dans des contrées que peu de gens peuvent entrevoir. Moi je m'y escrime chaque matin, jusqu'au soir. Elle a de la lumière dans le coeur, assez pour aveugler le monde entier. Elle pense beaucoup. Elle pense trop. Elle m'impressionne. Parfois si pertinente et parfois si candide. Parfois si femme parfois si petite. Elle si belle sans le savoir. Elle est Artiste. Ephémère et légère. Imprévisible. Sur l'instant. Sa présence est un cadeau qu'elle me fait. A mériter sans cesse. A réinventer constamment. "

I will hold your hand forever


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