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I try to forget you but I can't.

There is a rational explanation called the Twin Flames link. It is a link that we cannot cut.

There is another pathological explanation called madness.

In reality, I do not suffer from your absence and your silence, in reality I suffer because I imagine that I am crazy.

Am I your Twin Flame or am I crazy (erotomaniac)?

The Twin Flames bond is a story of mutual love that culminates in reunion after a slow and long process of transmutation.

Erotomania is a delusional psychological disorder characterized by the conviction of being loved.

It's a mental illness that can be treated in consultation with a psychiatrist.

If you tell me: "Charline, I SWEAR to you that I NEVER think of you" then I must start therapy with a psychiatrist specializing in erotomania.

I'm ready to admit my mental illness. If I am sick, I want to be treated because I want to be cured, because I want to be happy.

Can you SWEAR to me please that you NEVER think of me.

Thank you,




I truly NEVER think of you…



I am sorry for you too ...

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