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Magnetic is not magic

Dernière mise à jour : 16 mai 2021

Mise à jour du 15/05 : c'est hallucinant ce phénomène en miroir. En me relisant 5 mois plus tard, je me rends compte à quel point on se parle à soi-même quand on parle à son jumeau. Tout ce que je lui écris dans ce message, c'est exactement ce que j'ai découvert entre temps, de mon mode de fonctionnement automatique et inconscient. Tout ce combat que j'ai menée comme acharnée pendant des mois, quand je pensais me battre contre mon jumeau astralisé, en réalité je me battais contre moi, je faisais de l'auto-reprogrammation cellulaire. Je pensais que mon jumeau était complètement astralisé, mais c'est moi qui l'étais. Enfin nous le sommes tous les deux, mais moi je ne m'en rendais pas compte.

Messages laissés à mon autre (en anglais). Suite au programme de désatralisation de F.L. Casser le mythe du couple, sortir du sacrificiel. Merci à Francis Larin de m'avoir aidé à mettre mes idées en mots. Je mets en évidence dans le texte toutes les phrases qui lui reviennent.

Date d’envoi de votre message : le 14 décembre à 23:29

J'aimerais bien savoir comment tu vas à l'intérieur de toi. Est-ce que tu es heureux ou triste, inquiet ou rassuré, calme ou nerveux, en Belgique ou a l'étranger?

I go back 10 months ago when I told you to work on yourself and you refused my advice and I apologized. I trusted you and I thought you were right to accuse me of being too controlling, you made me believe that I didn’t respect your integrity, but now I take control again. I have penetrated your world and I have seen that there is nothing mysterious in your mysteries, there is no magic. Now I want to remove the stars from your eyes. You are in the great will and you refuse to get inked in matter to keep the almighty power that you have up there. You completely reject the form, except that you are being astralized, vampirized by your spirituality. The astral sells you spirituality, but the price is that you lose your freedom. Freedom is not what you think it is. Freedom is really in the anchor, in the form, freedom takes a body with a head, arms and feet on the ground. You need an evolving relationship where you have to work on yourself (question yourself) but you don't like working on yourself. You panic when you see me working on me and controlling, you think that's abuse. You are convinced that the operation is the Holy Spirit who will do it. You are convinced that you are in your mission but you are not in your work on yourself. You flee solo in your mission so as not to work on you .You like doing your mission alone, you go on an « ego trip », you go with god up there, you end up making love with your source and you take yourself for a Mary Magdalene, for an angel of light. You should stop flying and put your legs. It is necessary to control, we are on earth. Do you think your source takes care of everything and you don't have to do anything? The source does everything and you do what? You are in your light, in your omnipotence, but you are not there, you do not have your incarnation, I cannot even credit your speech, you melt into the cosmos in etheric angelic smoke, you can fly but you are not there, you are not you and if you are not you you will not have a relationship. You don't want a relationship, you don’t want to go down in shape, you protect your almighty power and all those who have abused you, you protect your abuse system. You are completely astralized and now that everything is going to fall down you will not have enough of your almighty power to save the world. You will pay a lot for your mission to carry on your shoulders all the fallen souls, your whole world will collapse and you will collapse too if you stay in your sacrificial mission. You refuse the descent of the spirit into the earthly being, you refuse initiation, you refuse the test, you refuse concrete action, it seems that you do not understand that we are on earth. If I were a manipulator I would say yes yes it is good, I love you as you are, and I would leave you your omnipotence and you would be happy but that is not love. It is not control to demand an earthly relationship.

Can you imagine what fight I have to fight to be in contact with you? I'm not even talking about being in a romantic relationship anymore. I'm talking about being in contact with your earthly being. I am alone against your impostor and all your dogmas, your spirituality, your great masters of wisdom, your mission, your family, your friends, alone against your whole world. It is enormous. I thought I had to join you, I went to your astrality but not to stay there, just to pick you up and take you down. I incarnated out of love for you, I was in the lower astral area because I did not receive permission to be born from my earthly parents. In august, I went up to the sky during my lifetime to join you in your high astral because you did not receive the authorization to be born, your parents astralized you up there in a divine mission. I couldn’t stay close to you, it was too sacrificial. I went back down into the original matrix, I try to bring you down from your high astral. I try to bring the spirit down to your matter so that you too can incarnate in the original matrix. Your impostor calls me a controller to shut me up, but I'm not going to shut up, because I get the information that you’re in trouble. If you want me to shut up ask your impostor to block my messages. If you refuse the initiation, you will collapse under the weight of your collapsing world.

The best way to save the world is to save yourself.

the best way to save the world is to save yourself

We are magnets. It is the force of magnetic duality that unites us, it is not the magic of your invisible world, magnetic duality is a real energy force. And if you think I’m wrong, go complain to your source about giving me bad information.

You are not used to working on yourself, you are used to the source doing everything for you. You expect a soul mate relationship, you expect an easy relationship where you have nothing to do. For me it's the opposite, I always had to fight a lot and had almost nothing in return. Since I have been embodied in the original matrix, I do not have to do anything, everything comes to me. Work and people come to me. I am in joy. I am enjoying the moment. I have energy. I think now the roles will be reversed because you refuse to work on yourself, you'd rather save the world than work on yourself. You can fly and I don't break your wings. I advise you to put your legs on, that does not mean that I will be your legs. I walk for myself, I don't need you. I want an earthly relationship with you, but I don't need you. I don’t use you. I'm not saving you. I don't control you. If you come downstairs I'm there, but if you don't come, my life goes on, without you, and I'm happy for myself. Keep ignoring me, keep refusing initiation, I don't care. I'm sorry for you.

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